5 tips to choose your wedding color palette (and to nail it !)


Choosing your wedding color palette is one of the first decision that you need to make. It seems trivial but it will actually be the prerequisite of every other decisions. Once you settle for a color palette + overall theme it will help you save a lot of time and decide everything else faster.

As a wedding photographer, it is always easier to create a beautiful and color consistent coverage for my clients when the color palette is deliberate and thoughtful. So here are my 5 tips to help you choose your wedding color palette :

1/ Look at the venue

The wedding venue will help you choose a general mood and main color tone. If you have a beach summer wedding, blue can be a great start for the palette. If your venue has a big red carpet and gold finishes on the walls, it might be hard to marry with a mint theme afterward, so stick to thoses colors. Of course there are no rules that force you to anything. Just think about it in advance and take the venue into account.

2/ Work with the season

According to the season, some colors might be more relevant than others. Also, the season will act on the flowers available, which are an important part of the wedding decor. So you can choose your wedding color palette according to your favorite seasonal blooms. Here you can find a list of flowers for each season: https://www.theknot.com/content/top-ten-seasonal-flowers

3/ Set the mood

The wedding color palette will set the mood of the entire day. Ask yourself what atmosphere you’re dreaming of. A romantic wedding mood (dark red, gold or even pastel tones…), a vintage wedding (grey, brown…), a fun atmosphere (bright colors…), or even a dramatic feel (dark colors, black, deep purple…).

4/ Do some research

Once you have a general idea of the main color/colors you’d like, you can than use social media, pinterest and magazines to help you create the definitive color palette. You’ll have an idea of the possible color combinations and how to implement them in a practical manner for every aspects of your wedding day. Here are some things to consider with your colors: the bridesmaids, the bow or tie, the bridal shoes, the wedding car, the wedding flower decor, the bouquet, the stationary, the church or ceremony decor, the cake, the reception and tables decor.

5/ Play with the colors

Don’t hesitate to choose several colors (3 to 6) for your palette. They just need to compliment each other. If you are scared to make a bad combination, just choose one color and then work with the gradient (3 to 6 shades of the same color). An ombré-inspired color palette will always be a good match.

Here is an exemple of the colors I personnally like !

I hope this will be helpful to you. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, remark or a question using the contact form: here.


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