My name is Coralie, I’m 26 and I’m the girl behind the lens. To make it really simple and quick, I take pictures of people in love (bonus point if they are deeply deeply in love). I also take lifestyle pictures for craftspeople in my area. I guess I just love to explore in general… people, stories, ideas, places (weither around the world or just around the corner of my street).

Initially I studied and graduated in material science, but soon realized chemistry and I would never be more than friends. It was for photography I had a special thing.

I want my style to be raw, warm and vivid. I’m inspired by films, series and books that I devour, but also by everything around me. I love to capture cosy atmospheres, the charm of the old and instants of life that go away so quickly… so quickly we wish we could pause them sometimes. Maybe photography is simply that. To pause.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I dance and sometimes I laugh (really loud). Don’t be surprise, it is me, I need to live fully and it is from this empathy and this sensibility that I get the most beautiful photographs.


Let’s have a ______
(Fill blank with your favorite beverage)


Crédits: Aude Lemaitre