Australian American wedding in France


This australian american wedding in France was everything I like to shoot. Small gathering, a care for aesthetic and lots of emotions. The simplicity and natural elegance of everything and everyone, from the dress to the venue and even the guests, was a pure delight for my photographic eyes + heart.

Chelsea is American and Elliot, believe his beautiful accent, is Australian. They met on Tinder and when you meet them you want to believe there is a Tinder God because they were litteraly made for each other. So keep praying ladies, let us keep praying ! Haha. They are seriously so cute to watch, constantly laughing with each other and sharing good + chill vibes around. It was a blessing to celebrate with them. And they sure know how to party ! I even took the opportunity to show my own weird moves on the dancefloor. Because that’s how they make you feel. So happy and so grateful to be here. They validate everyone to be just themselves. I wish I could be around that energy more often.

The wedding took place in Chateau de la Barge in Macon. I have only good words for this venue and the incredible job of the staff. Also a special thank you to the wedding planner the DDay Agency, because planning an american wedding in France would probably not have been possible for Chelsea and Elliot without a little extra help.

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