Couple session in Belgrade


Last month I visited Belgrade and apart from this couple session (that I absolutely love by the way) I did not use my camera at all. Surely not because it wasn’t worth it. I had the biggest crush on this city and if you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I plan on moving there in October. Yup !

Anyway, the thing is I just felt like I wasn’t in the mood for sharing… Does it make any sense at all or do I just seem like the most selfish person right now !? Haha. Honestly, it was a little bit selfish. I wanted to enjoy the city in the first row. Not as an observer behind her gear or trying to check a list of things to do. I just wanted to be fully present. And don’t get me wrong because I’m a big fan of travel + photography. And sure, it’s awesome to bring back hundreds of photographs from abroad. But honestly it’s always a little bit to the detriment of my own experience. So it felt good to enjoy the moment and my friends this time, and I’m sure in the end, it’s part of the reasons why it felt so much like home.

Now back to this couple session in Belgrade with these love birds ! Aren’t they just the cutest thing !? Miloš is serbian and Olga (her name and her beauty make it an easy guess) is russian. She crafts her own jewelry under the name of OBO HANDCRAFT ! Definitely check her out ! I’m a huge fan !

For this session we headed to an old building in the city center. The light was amazing and I really had the best of time with them ! Can’t wait to hang out more with those two really soon !


“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe and my camera is my passport.” – Steve McCurry