A destination wedding in Iceland


Stephanie is canadian, Clement is french, they met in Australia and they now live in Quebec. Their love for icelandic landscapes and raw nature made them think of a destination wedding in Iceland as the perfect way to gather families and friends from both sides.

They said yes to each other in a small chapel sourrounded by their closest relatives and with the perfect combination of a french priest and the craziest most adorable icelandic pastor. Clement actually met her randomly during a former trip in the island while he was hitchhiking. As a reminder she brought bags of popcorns and told us this anecdote that they were so hungry and only had popcorn to eat that day, they ate up the all thing in the car like starving people. I realize we all have this encounter that we made so randomly and ends up being a beautiful longlasting relationship. This is so incredible and insane when you think about it.

Also we had the honor of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever experience and a rainbow just after. The night was seriously magical.

So often I hear couples saying they dream (or dreamed) of a small intimate wedding with only the closest relatives, but because they feel sometimes pressured by family and obligations, it’s almost impossible for them to reduce the guest list to a minimum. For that reason I believe destination weddings are such a good idea. It’s honestly a natural selection, because only your closest people will arrange their schedule and book a plane ticket to get to be with you.

I’m forever grateful to them for making me the luckiest photographer ever and an integral part of this destination wedding in Iceland. Also for knowing that I now have some really cool friends in Quebec that I can visit anytime !


\”My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe and my camera is my passport.\” – Steve McCurry