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I shot this intimate couple session during the Oporto Workshop last October, under the supervision of Eric Rene Penoy and Josee Lamarre. Workshops are beautiful opportunities to learn new techniques. Plus share and discuss ideas with peers, observe renowned photographers and boost your business to the next level. I wish I could invest in those more often. This workshop in particular was business changing for me. It came, I believe, exactly at the right time in my career.


I am forever a big admirer of Eric Rene Penoy‘s work. This is what brought me to invest in this workshop in the first place. Only then, had I the unexpected chance to meet the talented Josee Lamarre and learn from her. It was for me a sweet revelation. She is the embodiment of authenticity and sweetness. Her work is impactful because of the experience she’s sharing with each couple. She is a bit like a master of intimate couple session. I’m so grateful to have learned those new skills from her.


To be honnest, I could never have imagined asking a couple to undress in front of me. Or even just show so much of themselves emotionally speaking before. But I’ve learned it all comes down to who I am. And the experience I’m able to provide with that honest parts of me. There are easy techniques to implement in order to create a cocoon of trust and make the session the most beautiful moment for them. Then also for you perfoce. It is not about asking anything or even expecting anything, in the end. It is more about being present and patient. And prioritize the experience for the couple instead of focusing on your own expectations and needs as a photographer.


During this intimate couple session I also had the opportunity to try new techniques from Eric Rene Penoy‘s who was sharing everything so generously and freely. I came an admirer of his work and left admirer of his whole, as a person, as an artist, as an inspiration. I’m deeply grateful for those few days in Porto. It was intense but for the first time I have to admit that I almost feel very proud of my work. I hope you’ll like those blurry black and white dark colored full of life new vibes here.


Thank you to Roma Eventos for helping planning this wonderful workshop in the city center of Porto. To Susana Reis for the makeup. And to those two beautiful brazilian souls Nathalia and Pedro (Lovati photography) who are themselves a duo of talented photographers.

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“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe and my camera is my passport.” – Steve McCurry