My wedding packagings – Collab with Laumé x Kaupole


I met Miglė pretty much the same way I’ve met all the good people in my life… meaning by sheer coincidence. She opened “LAUMĖ” next to the street I live in and I eventually stept in. It’s a tiny cute slow-fashion shop featuring the work of baltic eco-friendly designers. I was charmed with the concept and the nordic cocooning inspired style and started talking with Miglė to know more about her, about the shop and about the designers. One of them particularly caught my attention. Her name is Vitolda (like the most beautiful name ever !) and she lives in Lithuania where she creates textiles with eco-friendly linen and natural inks under the name of Kaupole. I talked to Miglė about my work as a photographer and she realized she was actually already following me on Instagram ! (No shit haha) I told her I had a long-time project of creating something valuable for my clients, a wedding packaging to receive their photos and extend the experience with me. Most photographers don’t offer anything and when they do it’s generally wooden boxes with their logo on it. My hot potato heart couldn’t bear the idea of killing trees just to market myself, and to build boxes that will undoubtedly not be re-used. “I’ve been searching unsuccessfully for something ecofriendly, stylish and re-usable” I said to her. And right there it was. Seeing the work of Vitolda, I had this idea of linen designed pockets and I’m so lucky and gratefull that Miglė was all in with me from that first moment we met. I mean, I could have been a serial killer for all she knew, haha. So that’s how the three of us worked together and it was delightful to choose the fabrics, the colors, the prints… I’m so happy with the result and I look forward to sending my first wedding packaging soon !


Laumė Boutique – 68, rue Auguste Compte 69002 Lyon

Kaupole – Švitrigailos st. 11G, 03228 Vilnius, Lithuania


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