Photographs from Iceland


In April, I went to shoot a destination wedding in Iceland (side note: still can’t believe I’m writing this). I decided it would be too much of a shame to only travel for the wedding day, and therefore, took on my personal finances to stay a few days more. So don’t go around and think my clients pay for my extended wanderlusts, haha, I’m not that fancy, come on ! Well, in the end, time and money were missing for me to fully explore the island. But I saw enough to be completely in owe and to understand why this land was started to get so famous.

I didn’t cross so many tourists though (actually didn’t cross so many people in general). Maybe because it was April. Maybe because I avoided intentionally places like the blue lagoon. Or, maybe because they were split all around Iceland, which is by the way huge ! Plan a week if you just want to turn around the island with a few stops. And plan two weeks if you want to take the time to enjoy a bit of everything. Now don’t plan more than two weeks. You will come back broke and resent me for inspiring you to go ! Haha. Just kidding, absolutely go for more than 2 weeks if you can afford. And also if you are sporty and enduring because everywhere interesting you have to basically hike your way in. The land is not flat… (nope).

I have so much more to say about the beauty of the landscapes and the tastiness of the tap water and the oddity of the weather switching from one extreme to another literally every 20 minutes… but I can see you already skipping all the blabla to go directly to the pictures. So just enjoy and send me an email with no hesitancy if you want to know more or have any questions.

Just a few more blabla… There are waterfalls a bit about everywhere you look in Iceland. But there is this one waterfall in the south area called “Seljalandsfoss” that you absolutely need to visit.

It’s actually 5 waterfalls in a row (this only is amazing) and then the first an bigger one you can go underneath and it feels like you’re in a dream. Really. Birds are flying inside and out through the fall and you’re in a cave watching the water falls from behind. It’s crazy and beautiful in a way that no word and no picture can illustrate. And then, the magic is not over because the last waterfall is hidden but if you remove your shoes and walk inside the water you will enter it. So absolutely do this. The area is a bit touristy but only a few knows about the last waterfall. And those who knows often don’t risk getting their feet freezed by the water.

Then for the rest don’t be afraid of missing out. Even if you go for a month you’ll miss out on about everything this island has to offer. Seriously, that’s just the way it is.

Reykjavik is really small and you can easily visit by foot in one day. Go to the front sea, visit the Opera and the Cathedral, eat some sea food, take a look at the architecture and the arty tags and stop for a coffee. Boom that’s it, everything’s checked. Oh, and don’t buy a knitted wool sweater unless you want everyone to know you’re a tourist, haha, and honestly they are really scratchy !


“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe and my camera is my passport.” – Steve McCurry