A summer wedding in La Bastie de la Jonchere


This wedding in La Bastie de la Jonchere was one of the most beautiful as much as one of the most challenging of my wedding season. Because of the heat wave, it was honestly very difficult. It’s good to be authentic sometimes and not hide behind a pretty pink filter. I woke up at 6am and got back home at 3am the next day. It was close to 3 days of work stuck in one with no real break, the heat, the dehydration, the weigh of the gear to carry, the pressure of my work, the few food I could eat and the sweat falling down continuously on every part of my body. I’m pretty sure that I was loosing more water than I was drinking. And I was drinking a lot !

Despite all of this, I’m seriously so happy to be able to carry on my dream job. And so honored to have been the photographer of those two sweet stylish little birds. Seeing the smile of my bride and picturing them showing the photos to their kids and grandkids and grand-grandkids later, was enough to make me forget all the hardness.

I was very glad also to work alongside Thomas Lalcove and share this wide range of emotions with him. He was seriously the perfect videographer duo I could dream of. Though I hope the next wedding we do together will be a winter one ! Haha

Lastly, a few words about La Bastie de la Jonchere, because this venue truly deserves it’s batch of compliments. It was crazy beautiful. The inner courtyard is perfect for the most adorable cocktail time. During the summer days, the light spreads all over the magnificent building and I loved this atmosphere. I honestly can’t wait to photograph another wedding there as soon as possible.

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Dress: Mademoiselle de Guise

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Dream catcher: L’atelier des rêves

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Hair: Cut By Elsa

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Venue: La Bastie de La Jonchere

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“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe and my camera is my passport.” – Steve McCurry